[mrtg] announce mrtg-2.0.9pre20 with **FORKING**

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Fri Aug 18 01:33:43 MEST 2000


I have released mrtg 2.0.9pre20 one substantial new feature
is in there. It may help you to speed up mrtg snmp querying

Let me know how much faster you get ... 

available from http://ee-staff.ethz.ch/~oetiker/webtools/mrtg/pub/beta

Changes 2.9.0pre20
From: Matthew Schumacher <schu at schu.net>
 - upate to cpu info
From: Tobi
 - fixed start time for newly created rrds ... this must be $time-2 not $now
 - fixed quick check rules for maxbytes1 and maxbytes2
 - missing directory[xxx] entries will get auto-created
 - modified quickcheck rules ... instead of strings we use anonymous subs
   now ... this has the advantage of perl actually compiling the stuff and
   thus finding errors in the checks even when they are not exercised ...
 - ***EXPERIMENTAL*** added forking function. If you run mrtg
   on a system that can fork (UNIX for example) you can try the
   new 'Forks:' option in the config file. The result of this is
   that mrtg will fork into several instances prior to
   going out to ask the routers for snmp data. For situations with
   high latency as well as mrtg.cfgs with many different devices
   this will speed things up considerably. It will not make things faster
   if you query a single switch sitting around next door.
   As far as I know NT can not fork so I have disabled this for NT.

   If you measure some performance data with this approach please let me
   know how much faster you went ...

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