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Michael Votaw mvotaw at telepath.com
Tue Feb 1 22:48:06 MET 2000

Did you mean 185 kilo-packets-per-second, or 185 kilo-bits-per-second?  If
you realized a data throughput of 32 kilo-BYTES-per-second, that would
equate to 240 kilo-BITS-per-second.  Not far off from your data transfer.  I
converted all of my data displays to bits/sec instead of bytes per second.
When you hear of a T1 or ethernet, you hear 10Mbits/sec or 64kbits/sec, not
1.2Mbytes per second.  It just made more sense to me.
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Subject: [mrtg] All numbers to low

>I'm new to this list, I apologize if this has been discussed before, but I
>couldn't find it in the archive.
>I have a 2MB connection to the internet. The router is a RH6 Linux router.
>The problem is that I cant seem to get the right numbers (kB/s). I tested
>the MRTG by downloading a 200 mb file at about 185 kps, but the MRTG said
>that the Max In was only 32 kB/s.
>Anyone have a solution?
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