[mrtg] general MIB question, & a tougher one

Justin Shore listuser at vinnie.ksu.ksu.edu
Fri Feb 4 09:44:10 MET 2000

	Here's a simple question for you.  I wouldn't aks it on the 
list except I've never found a nice layman wording of how to do this. 
How do I use MIBs with MRTG?  I've got to setup some pages to monitor 
a Cisco 3660 and a 5300.  I know you can do things like PCU temp and 
memory but I don't know how and I assume I either need a custom MIB 
or the OID (something else I've yet to work with).  Can anyone offer 
an easy way of getting started?  It would be much appreciated.
	I also have another question that's a little weird.  On that 
3660 I need to monitor 2 DSL customers bandwidth.  Only problem is 
that they don't use the same port everytime.  They do however use the 
same IP.  What I'm thinking is that if I take their port # from the 
data below...

ip.ipRouteTable.ipRouteEntry.ipRouteIfIndex. = 154
ip.ipRouteTable.ipRouteEntry.ipRouteIfIndex. = 166

...and append it to interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifInOctets. I could 
then let MRTG query that.  Would that work you think?  Could I do 
most of that from within MRTG or would I have to shell script or perl 
it?  Any ideas?  Thanks


Justin Shore
K-State Linux Distro Mirror, Sysadmin
macdaddy at vinnie.ksu.ksu.edu

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