[mrtg] helper scripts

Miguel Gusils mgusils at adero.com
Fri Feb 4 18:53:28 MET 2000

Is there a readme or does anyone know how to use the helper script
with mrtg? I'm trying to monitor uptime on Solaris and linux boxes.
Below is the helper script I'm trying to use;

Thanks in advance
mgusils at adero.com
# Copywrite: 
#  This Work is copywrite Barry Irwin , Moria Research 1999
#  All Rights Reserved
# Permission is given for derivitive works to be freely distributed provided
# Original Author is acknowledged, and this copywrite remains intact
# DISCLAIMER: Your milage may vary. NO WARRANTY provided. USE, Enjoy, but if
#   it blows up , or suchlike, badluck. Author Assumes NO responsibility for
#   this work
# returns the current load, as well as the 5 minute load
#11:11PM  up 22 days, 11:52, 55 users, load averages: 2.34, 1.42, 0.69

 $tmp =`uptime`;
 $tmp =~ s/,//g;
 @utime = split /\s/, $tmp;
 $now =$utime[10]*100;
 $now5 = $utime[11]*100;

print "$now\n";
print "$now5\n";
print "$utime[3] days $utime[5] hours\n";
print "\n";

Miguel Gusils
mgusils at adero.com

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