[mrtg] need help measuring cisco switches...

Demian Hanks demian at csbs.utah.edu
Sat Feb 5 01:36:43 MET 2000

Hello All,

I am trying to figure out how to collect aggregate 
throughput in/out on the ISL ports of several switches,
but I can't seem to get any good info from them.

Does anyone have an example config or suggestions on how 
to do this. I'm a bit new to snmp & mrtg, and I can't seem 
to track down the correct OID for the ISL ports.

I'd also like to portray the max throughput as Mbytes ie. 100Mbyte
for 100Fx ISL links, but I can only get K on the right side of the \

This presents a new problem though, for a 5500 I have with an RSM
doing the routing. The RSM & Supervisor are running NetFlow, so I think 
I need to ask the switch what the aggregate through put is for its 300 
ports, on a per vlan basis instead of asking the router or I only get the 
first packet in the route process.

The basic topo looks like this:

switch1(vlan: 1,2 via ISL Trunk)
|  switch2(vlan: 1,2,3 via ISL Trunk) 
|  |
BldgBackBoneSwitch(vlan: 1,2,3)
BldgBackBoneRouter(vlan: 1,2,3)
BldgBackBoneRSM(vlan: 1,2,3,4,5 via ISL Trunk on BackPlane CISCO 5500)
I want to be able to create graphs for:
Aggregate throughput in/out on switch 1 per vlan
Aggregate throughput in/out on switch 2 per vlan
Aggregate throughput in/out on BB router per vlan to the ATM-Mesh

Aggregate throughput across the backplane of the 5500 per vlan

What are the best oids to aim at, or trick for this type of aggregation?

I know its a lot to ask, I will keep studying the docs, and summarize any
info that comes my way.

Thanks in advance,

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