[mrtg] mrtg, Cisco and CAR - International Traffic

Steven Sporen sporens at ecnet.co.za
Sat Feb 5 19:55:15 MET 2000


I'm trying to create a graph for our clients to show international util.
I've sort of got it working using ip accounting on our cisco router on the
remote side - the problem being it has to download all the ip transactions
(over the link :( - using the bandwidth) and then spends a couple of min
computing the results based on a CIDR IP address provided to the
cisco_ipaccounting contrib supplied with the mrtg package. Is there a sort
of summary command that I'm not aware of with cisco routers? I'd love to be
able to say give it a network/mask and it telling me packets sent and
recieved from that.

I'm looking for any suggestions on how to improve on this, currently I'm
thinking of tagging international traffic with a different TOS and using the
local distribution routers to get the stats.

I'd love  to hear how other people have implemented this and if they have
any suggestions!

Thanx for your time.

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