[mrtg] zlib

Munoz, Francis D. MunozFD at etpi.com.ph
Mon Feb 7 07:11:05 MET 2000


I'm a newbie in Solaris and I'm trying to install  MRTG in one of our boxes.
I'm using Solaris 7

I was able to install  Perl 5, GNUgcc and Apache  successfully but I'm
having trouble installing zlib-1.1.3.
After downloading the file and extracting it i followed the procedure below.
Step 1
#mv zlib-1.1.3 /zlib
#cd zlib
# make
ar rc libz.a adler32.o compress.o crc32.o gzio.o uncompr.o deflate.o tree=
zutil.o inflate.o infblock.o inftrees.o infcodes.o infutil.o inffast.o =

make: ar: Command not found
make: *** [libz.a] Error 127

When executing the make command i'm getting the error above.

What should i do to fix this error?



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