[mrtg] ANNOUNCE: mrtg-misc-probe Release_0_1_1

Peter W. Osel pwo at mc.HL.Siemens.DE
Fri Feb 11 01:56:49 MET 2000

Release 0.1.1 of mrtg-misc-probe is now available at the usual place:

mrtg-misc-probe probes different system features for mrtg to graph.
Currently it can probe
        * percent usage of disk space and inodes for UFS filesystems
        * percent usage of disk space for VxFS filesystems
        * incoming and outgoing mail messages on sendmail mail server
        * network delay using NTP peers/servers
        * number of clearcase vobs and views
        * network device reachability (ping success)

Major changes compared to the last release (Release_0_0_1 1998-03-07):

	* New probes:

		. ntp-delay - NTP (Network Time Protocol) based network
			delay measurement (latency)

		. lsviewvob - counts the number of clearcase views and

		. pong - test network device reachability using ping

	* Changed probes:

		. smtp-stats now greps for given mailer only (defaults
		to ddn).  (POSSIBLE INCOMPATABILITY!).  To graph other
		mailers, simply provided the name of the mailer as an
		argument (e.g. ddn, smtp8, esmtp).  (pointed out by Rik
		Riemersma <R.Riemersma at twoway.nl>;

	* Changed/New documentation:

		. installation hints for all new probes have been added.

		. a manual page is provided.

Find more information about my mrtg contributions at

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