[mrtg] How can I configure for multiple mrtg processes with multiple configuration files generate the graphs periodically?

Vivianna bany at chollian.net
Sat Feb 12 08:33:25 MET 2000

Thanks for your anwsers. 

But I have still problem.

I am using Linux machine.
I want to monitor two different factor for a target. One is concurrent user monitoring and the other is traffic bandwidth monitoring.  So I create two configuration files for a target as bottom of this mail.  Each cfg files are fine.  If I run mrtg with mrtg1.cfg, it creates gif files in its workdir(/home/httpd/html/mrtg) and also if I run mrtg with mrtg2.cfg, it creates gif files in its workdir(/home/httpd/html/traffic) . 
But only mrtg with mrtg1.cfg generate the graphs periodically even though I didn't add mrtg cron command line in a crontab file and mrtg with mrtg2.cfg doesn't generate the graphs periodically.

If I run mrtg as a Daemon, the second mrtg with mrtg2.cfg generate the graphs periodically.
But I don't want to run mrtg as a daemon.

How should I configure my mrtg for running mrtg's in parallel ?
If you are running multiple mrtg processes with multiple configuration files, 
woudl you let me know how you did ?

Someone suggested me to confiure as follows , so I tried , but it doesn't work.

if you run under UNIX, you have to have 2 different mrtg dir. e.g:
/opt/mrtg/run/mrtg      and       /opt/mrtgbis/run/mrtgbis

because the mrtg script verify if there is nt another mrtg program running

I did as follows : 

> cfgmaker public at X.X.X.X > mrtg1.cfg
> cfgmarker public at X.X.X.X > mrtg2.cfg
> cp /usr/bin/mrtg/run/mrtg  /usr/bin/mrtg/run/traffic            <---- Do I have to copy like this ?
> mrtg mrtg1.cfg                                                             <--- Workdir /home/httpd/html/mrtg
> traffic mrtg2.cfg                                                            <--- Workdir /home/httpd/html/traffic


********* mrtg1.cfg  ***********
WorkDir: /home/httpd/html/mrtg

MaxBytes[]: 12500000
********  mrtg2.cfg  ************
WorkDir: /home/httpd/html/traffic
LoadMIBs: /home/httpd/html/mibs/SLB05003.mib

Target[]:interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifInOctets.1&interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifOutOctets.1:public at
MaxBytes[]: 12500000                              

Thanks in advance.

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