[mrtg] Re: ATM monitoring

Chris Williams pierce at columbus.rr.com
Fri Feb 11 17:21:57 MET 2000

Excuse me in advance for the Book :)

I have MRTG up and running monitoring our asx 1000's and enjoying the
information, thanks to suggestions that were made in this list.  However I
had a couple more questions someone may be able to answer.

I am only able to gather data on PNNI ports.  Each of my ASX1000 has a 3810
etherswitch connected on port 1A1.  This port being a UNI interface is
excluded.  The only ports I am recieving statistics on are the PNNI ports.
I am trying to find the variable I need to change so I can query the UNI
interface.  Probably an OID, etc...  I just got a 30 day demo version of
MG-Soft to view mibs provided for the Fore Systems ATM equipment but getting
them to compile is a different story.

I know I need to modify the config files to get the data I would like -
however, being a newbie to Perl, etc..  I am not having much luck yet. I was
interested in modifications to the Options[] variable, conversion from Bytes
to bits, and including other data in the resulting HTML. I would like to
multiply by 53 in the command line, etc.  But not successful in my methods

I am currently using the cookie cutter scripts found in MRTG v2.8.9.  I set
up a cron job to run the scripts from within another shell script I created
for all switches -


rm Config/asx-he1-1.cfg
./atmmaker public at asx-he1-1 > Config/asx-he1-1.cfg
./mrtg Config/asx-he1-1.cfg
./indexmaker Config/asx-he1-1.cfg >

echo "asx-he1-1 complete"

I dont trust the information in the graphs yet because when I compare the
graphs to the my "stat port" command it doesnt match.  Below is a sample
from the command line on the switch, MRTG tells me 1A2 Max In=6,171 B/s, Max
Out= 79.0 KB/s.  This cant be right if I am comparing apples to apples here.
I am referring to the Fore Diagnostic manual to help me determine if these
are good comparisons.

 ::statistics> port

       Input            Output               Cells       Cells
Port  VPs   VCs     BW  VPs   VCs     BW    Received Transmitted ErrSecs
1A1     1    19  22.9K    1    29  39.9K    11342816   602561799       0
1A2     1    19 376.5K    1    28 391.8K    93669534  2572764391       0
1A3     1     6   0.8K    1     6   0.8K           0           0       0
1A4     1    67 457.9K    1    74 430.8K   381837359   957931928       0
1C1     1     6   0.8K    1     6   0.8K           0      219219       0
1C2     1     6   0.8K    1     6   0.8K           0      219219       0
1C3     1     6   0.8K    1     6   0.8K           0      219219       0
1C4     1    14 367.2K    1    14 367.2K    10652651    10073538       0
1E2     1     4   0.0K    1     4   0.0K         N/A         N/A     N/A
1E3     1     4   0.0K    1     4   0.0K         N/A         N/A     N/A
1E4     1     4   0.0K    1     4   0.0K         N/A         N/A     N/A
1CTL    2    74   1.1M    1   100   1.1M  1646035924   220240546       0

I hope to gain a deeper understanding of how to create my own ./atmmaker,
./mrtg, ./indexmaker.  Is there a sight that has more documentation, or does
anyone else have another suggestion?


Chris W.

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