[mrtg] simple mrtg question

Christopher L. Barnard cbar44 at tsg.cbot.com
Fri Feb 11 17:37:16 MET 2000

I didn't subscribe correctly, so I don't think my initial attempt went
through.  If you get two versions of this, my apologies.

I have what is probably a basic problem, but I cannot find this addressed in
the documentation, the FAQ, or the archives of this mailing list.  I am
putting mrtg on a few machines just to see the stats of their le0 interfaces.
I have put this on my desktop machine (Sun Sparc 5 running Solaris 7) with no
problems.  It works beautifully.  So I then proceeded to put it on a few test
servers (one a Sun Sparc 20 the other a Sun Sparc 5, both running Solaris
2.5.1).  In all cases I am running mrtg, as myself, from cron every five
minutes.  The -daily.png file and the log files are updated every five minutes
as I would expect, but the graphs for these test servers are empty.  Each
machine has its own mrtg.cfg config file, and the differences between the one
that works (my desktop) and the ones that don't (these servers) are all
reasonable to me.  What else could I try to get mrtg to give me some output
from these servers?  On all machines I used cfgmaker with no fancy flags to
make my mrtg.cfg files.  The test servers have Sun Net Manager installed, so
snm is running.  My desktop does not have SNM installed, but snmp appears to
come with the OS and a quick grep of the process table shows that snmp is

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