[mrtg] Re: YMax

Albert Wiersch support at htmlvalidator.com
Sun Feb 13 05:22:04 MET 2000

Yes, setting MaxBytes and AbsMax to the same thing seems to have worked.

But this isn't acceptable. I want the max Y value to be around 20000 bytes
though the interface can do much faster. I do not want to throw away any
values higher than 20000 which would happen if I set them both to 20000

So, in your case, you want Y to be fixed and to go up to the max value that
your interface can do. In my case, I want Y to be fixed but I do not want it
to be fixed at the max value the interface can do, but something less.

Oh well... I guess MRTG cannot do this simple thing. :-(

Albert Wiersch
AI Internet Solutions
al at tetrion.com

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> Theoretically that should work.  On my modem pool pages I set
> MaxBytes and AbsMax to the same value (redundant but I didn't bother
> to remove that when I copied and pasted it in from another config).
> Them I did an Unscaled[target] dwmy.  Theoretically it should work.
> Try making AbsMax and MaxBytes be the same thing and see if that
> fixes it, just for testing purposes.  If it does then there may be a
> bug there.  You might as well give it dwmy too.  Its the weird things
> that fix the weird problems. :-)

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