[mrtg] MRTG-rrd "upgrading" my circuits

Jon Rust jpr at vcnet.com
Mon Feb 14 18:52:58 MET 2000

On occassion MRTG-rrd (2.8.12) will suddenly show my aggregate 
bandwidth (calculated as my frac T3 to GTEi + T1 to FroGlo + T1 to 
Onyx) peaking at 6 to 10 PB/s. Yes, that's a P as in PETA, as in 
millions of gigabytes/sec. Heh. Now I know that I'd do anything to 
have 6 petabytes of bandwidth-- hell, I'd be the most popular guy on 
earth! But since I really don't, it's a little unfortunate that my 
graphs show that I do.

For example, this weekend we were doing some NOC buildout. My 
graphing box was disconnected from the network for about an hour. For 
that hour, the graph peaked at 6 PB/s. However, later the next day, 
when everything was connected and running properly, it again showed 
peak speeds of about 4 PB/s.

(I fixed the graphs by going dumping the rrd's to an xml file, 
editing the xml file to show zero's where it had incredibly large 
values, and then restoring the xml file back into an rrd.)


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