[mrtg] Quick Question.

Jack Barnett jbarnett at axil.netmate.com
Mon Feb 14 17:59:37 MET 2000


We have MRTG running from a livingston IRX router, and it is working fine,
but there is one thing I don't understand.  We are suppose to have two
56Kbps channels off a T1 or 112Kbps, but in MRTG is says the max is 32Kbps
and the top line of the graph says 32Kbps.  I don't understand why I am
getting to conflicting numbers are far as the amount of bandwidth this line
can carry, any ideas?  Could someone explain this to me or point me to a
resource on line?

Also a quick other question, below the graph they have something that looks
like this:

Average  In: 16.9 kB/s (52.9%)
Average  Out: 3366.0 B/s (10.5%)

Does this mean the line is at 63.4% used total, or are these number indepent
of each other?  Is there a way to tell exact how much of the line is in used
in percentage?


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