[mrtg] How can Day and Week Max be bigger than Month Max ?????

Carlos E. Cardenas Jansen ccardena at mail.infosal.uadec.mx
Fri Feb 18 03:38:46 MET 2000

Hy there

    I´ve just started to use mrtg on my university routers, and I noticed that in some cases 
 the values for Max Bytes in for the day and week graphs are bigger than the value for the month Max ,

     Even though the graph's look logically whell, the data shown bellow doen`t check, for an example I'm monitoring the number of active dial-up modems , since I have only 16 modems, the numbers and graphs are very easy to compare (small integers, very easy to see trouth the graph):


     Can anyone help me out here ? , is it normal ? (I did saw the same wierd stuff on the example pages form the MRTG link http://www.ee.ethz.ch/stats/mrtg/)

     And, I don't understand the difference betwen absolute and gauge Options  ! Maybe thats the answer, I'm using gauge there .....

    P.D:  sorry for my english   :(

    Saludos desde MEXICO !

Ing. Carlos E. Cárdenas Jansen
Coordinador General
Sistema de Infotecas Centrales
Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila

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