[mrtg] multiply a value

Bastien Raich bastien at interq.or.jp
Fri Feb 18 10:23:24 MET 2000

I would like to count the numbers of errors on a line every 5 minutes. I
can't use neither the "gauge" function nor the "absolute" one. I am then
using the default one, but it divides all values per 300 to get a value
"per second".

I would like to have this value per 5 minutes simply.

is there a way to multiply the value to obtain such a thing ?

I know that the "perhour" and "perminute" options exist, but they only
multiply by 60 or 3600.

using the "bits" option will also multiply by 8, but I want 300 !!

any idea ??

--Bastien Raich

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