[mrtg] Re: OID - English translations

Rob Walker rob at valinux.com
Fri Feb 18 17:36:09 MET 2000

>>>>> On Fri, 18 Feb 2000 11:10:48 -0500, "Drouillard, Ken"
>>>>> <ken at ivey.uwo.ca> said:

ken> Hey all...  If I do an snmpwalk on a Baystack 28115 (me again) I
ken> get a list of 3300 or so values....great so far. When I telnet
ken> into this switch I can view the port traffic statistics. Some of
ken> the numbers in the snmpwalk match exactly with the port traffic
ken> stats gathered when in a telnet session......therefore the OID
ken> that matches the port traffic must be the "port traffic" OID to
ken> monitor through MRTG? 

it may be.  probably is, but doesn't _have_ to be.  you might have
something which returns the same values even though they are different 
OIDs.  If they are big numbers, however, there is a good chance that
they are the same.

ken> Does this make sense?  


ken> If yes, how do I translate the OID to an English readable format?

um, you don't.  well, _you_ don't, but your snmpwalk program might be
able to.  a mib browser might be able to.  if your snmpwalk program is 
going to be able to translate them, it will have to have the MIBs
loaded into it somehow.

good luck,

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