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Kostas Marneris K.Marneris at demokritos.gr
Fri Feb 18 18:53:34 MET 2000

>This is embarassing, but I'm afraid I need to ask.  I thought I knew enough
>about snmp, but apparently I don't.  What is "snmpwalk" that folks on this
>list keep talking about?  Several people have suggested that I use snmpwalk
>find out what OIDs my servers will respond to.  I have searched through all
>mrtg source, the source of various utilities that mrtg needs, the server
>which the monitoring SNM instance is installed (in other words, the
>package) and even did a web search on "snmpwalk".  In all cases, I came up
>empty.  The web search turned up lots of documentation and man pages about
>the snmpwalk library call, but since it didn't say which library it is in
>and I didn't find it in any of my libraries, I can't just write my own C
>program to call this library because I cannot find it...


- snmpwalk is a program, a management tool  (an SNMP application)
used for requesting table objects from a MIB.
It usually comes with an SNMP manager package which runs in the client's

You have to search for an SNMP manager program that runs in
your computer. (like cmu-snmp running on Solaris systems).

Kostas Marneris
NCSR Demokritos / ARIADNE Network Operation Center
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