[mrtg] Absolute Values - Never Averaged

Jason Leidigh jleidigh at uol.com.ar
Fri Feb 18 22:05:59 MET 2000

Thanks Ken... but the manual which I have read does not mention what I'm talking about or it is not clear.
As I understand the Absolute option it DOES average the readings once it goes into the compiling phase which reduces every 5 min into an average 15min. read and so forth.  THIS is the thing I'm trying to avoid.  I want to perserve original readings like a counter.  Suppose that my 5 min readings come like this

5 , 10, 15

When compiled the value would become 15 as this was the actual value "in the past" not the average value.  In this way I could graph a truly absolute progressive curve which might show actual growth over time for say the number or registries in a database.

If anyone know let me know.  If this is "Absolute" than thanks for the explanation.

Jason Leidigh

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