[mrtg] Some Questions about MRTG --URGENT

ayman tirhi tirhi at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 21 11:35:57 MET 2000

Dear All,
   I Installed MRTG on Widows NT SERVER 4.0 and everything worked great.I 
can monitor the line successfully...But I found some stuff that I can't 
understand.I used the windows Nt guide to MRTG that i found on the net.

First Question:

In the guide they are using the ip as a sample , but in the 
configurations they are putting and ... what does 
it mean?

Second Question:
When I monitor port 1 , what is the actual stuff that is drawn??

Third Question:
I got a router with six ports to six different sites.I monitored all of the 
six ports and found that the pattern of the six graphs is the same altough I 
used the 6 IPs of the six ports???Why that is happening???

thanks in advance.

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