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Daniel R . Kilbourne daniel.kilbourne at voyager.net
Mon Feb 21 20:39:55 MET 2000

All, I am having a strange issue here. I a m monitoring the modems in use on 3 cisco AS 5200's individually, and also totaling them. My problem is that the total is different than the sum of the individuals. The config follows:

These are the individual boxes:

Title[target11]:  AS5200 #11 Modem Usage
PageTop[target11]:  Modem Usage [92]
Target[target11]: at
Maxbytes[target11]: 92
ShortLegend[target11]: Ports
YLegend[target11]: Total Ports
Legend1[target11]: Ports in Use
Legend2[target11]: Ports in Use
Options[target11]: absolute, gauge

Title[target12]:  AS5200 #12 Modem Usage
PageTop[target12]:  Modem Usage [46]
Target[target12]: at
Maxbytes[target12]: 46
ShortLegend[target12]: Ports
YLegend[target12]: Total Ports
Legend1[target12]: Ports in Use
Legend2[target12]: Ports in Use
Options[target12]: absolute, gauge

Title[target13]:  AS5200 #13 Modem Usage
PageTop[target13]: Modem Usage [23]
Target[target13]: at
Maxbytes[target13]: 23
ShortLegend[target13]: Ports
YLegend[target13]: Total Ports
Legend1[target13]: Ports in Use
Legend2[target13]: Ports in Use
Options[target13]: absolute, gauge

This is the total of the 3 boxes:

Title[total]: DAP ISDN Usage
PageTop[total]:  DAP ISDN Port Usage [161]
Target[total]: at + at + at
MaxBytes[total]: 161
ShortLegend[total]: ports
YLegend[total]: Total Ports
Legend1[total]: Ports in Use
Legend2[total]: Ports in Use
Options[total]: absolute, gauge

Now, the individual boxes report correctly (determined by lookin on the actual boxes), but the total is always too low.

ie: right now I have
target11: 53 ports
target12: 40 ports
target13: 23 ports
total   : 86 ports

total should be 116
Any ideas here? it's frustrating, as MRTG generally has no addition problems, but I am absolutely clueless as to why the total is wrong.

Daniel R. Kilbourne
daniel.kilbourne at voyager.net
Voyager.net Network Engineer


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