[mrtg] 2 hourly collections not collecting

Matthew Moore (DSL AK) MattM at datacom.co.nz
Tue Feb 22 01:33:29 MET 2000


I am trying to graph cisco freeMem (. data on a 2 hourly
interval (and only displaying monthly and yearly graphs), as I feel a
shorter polling interval is not necessary. My problem is that the log file
is not being updated. It always just has the last poll, with no historical
data (Yes, mrtg is definitely running every 2 hours). Eg:

951176704 2548484 2548344
951176704 0 0 0 0
951176400 0 0 0 0
951176100 0 0 0 0

An snmpwalk does return the correct value. Also if I set the Interval to
less than 1 hour, the log files and graphs are correct. I've tried using
both RunAsDaemon, and the Windows scheduler to run the cfg file, but the
result is the same. There are also no output errors after running. I also
have several other 5 minute interval cfg files running without problems.

The important lines in the cfg file are as follows:

WorkDir: c:\InetPub\wwwroot\mrtg
Interval: 120
Target[abc.freeMem]: at abc
MaxBytes[abc.freeMem]: 20000000
Options[abc.freeMem]: gauge
Suppress[abc.freeMem]: dw

Can anybody explain why the data is not being collected? I'm using MRTG
2.8.12 on NT.

 Matt Moore

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