[mrtg] Ok another question, Redhat

John Lord lord at beachin.net
Tue Feb 22 03:20:24 MET 2000

I have mrtg monitoring a redhat system but the graph shows up in Bytes and
not MegaBytes. anybody know what I'm doing wrong . Here is my config. If
anyone else has some redhat configs i would love to see them. I cant figure
out how to do processor or disk usage.

Target[Beauty-memory]: at XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
MaxBytes[Beauty-memory]: 524288000
PageTop[Beauty-memory]: <H1>Memory</H1>
Title[Beauty-memory]: Memory Usage for Beauty
ShortLegend[Beauty-memory]: Bytes
XSize[Beauty-memory]: 380
YSize[Beauty-memory]: 100
YLegend[Beauty-memory]: RAM Usage
Legend1[Beauty-memory]: Memory Used
Legend2[Beauty-memory]: Memory Free
Legend3[Beauty-memory]: Maximal 5 Minute Memory Used
Legend4[Beauty-memory]: Maximal 5 Minute Memory Free
LegendI[Beauty-memory]: &nbsp;Used
LegendO[Beauty-memory]: &nbsp;Free
Options[Beauty-memory]: gauge, nopercent

John Lord (lord at beachin.net)
Network Administrator
Byte Size Inc.

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