[mrtg] Re: mrtg - snmpwalk

Kostas Marneris K.Marneris at demokritos.gr
Thu Feb 24 10:01:45 MET 2000

>Can i change the snmget-call in the mrtg script with snmpwalk??? Will
>this work???
>Michael Baumann
>For whom it may interests (the  problem):
>post:~ # snmpwalk public .
>.olEnetStatsEntry.olEnetStatsLocalColls.6 = Counter: 73613
>post:~ # snmpget public .
>Error in packet.
>Reason: There is no such variable name in this MIB.
>This name doesn't exist:

In order to GET the value of the object you must use
the number of the instance.

snmpget 'ip address' public .

Hope this helps you.

Kostas Marneris
NCSR Demokritos / ARIADNE Network Operation Center
E-mail         : K.Marneris at noc.demokritos.gr

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