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alex at ergens.op.Het.Net alex at ergens.op.Het.Net
Mon Feb 28 17:39:23 MET 2000

Daniel R . Kilbourne wrote:
> I'm running mrtg 2.8.12 with daemon mode on 2 RedHat 6.x machines. What I want to know is if anyone knows of a way to check if the daemons are running. I have had a couple die without knowing and have lost data. What I am trying to do is have a way to check for the running process and have that send a signal to my paging software if necessary. (ie: can you ping a certain port, etc....).

If you only want to check the process, use ps from a cron job.

If you also want to check that it is actually working, perhaps the
following is of use:

Setup a target that is known to always work (i.e. localhost)
Setup the treshold mechanism and make sure it will always trigger.
Use this trigger for a heartbeat process (Big Brother perhaps?)
If you miss two triggers in a row, something is wrong and a message
should be fired to your pager.  Doing it the right way would mean
that server one's process triggers the software on server two and
vice versa.

Not that I actually tried this but this would be the way to go ...

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