[mrtg] Re: How to find Serial Port target entry AND How to refresh MRTG

Keith Kruepke lister at kruepke.com
Sat Jul 15 20:44:39 MEST 2000


Whenever I want to see the ifDescr for interfaces on a router, I use the cfgmaker command.  Make sure you DON'T overwrite your current config with it.  I would try this:

    perl .\cfgmaker > temp.txt

Then you can look in temp.txt to find out what interfaces show up with what indexes.  Using that information, update your config file by hand.

You could always use other SNMP utilities to find out the same info, but I prefer cfgmaker.

After you update your config file, MRTG should automatically start doing what you want.  When it is run every five minutes, it rereads the config file.

I empathize with your plight as a new MRTG user, and I strongly recommend taking a look at the docs directory in the distribution.  I find the config.html file particularly useful, especially when I need to edit a config file.

Good luck,

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1)  How do I get a print out of the Cisco 2501 router's 
ifDescr table so I can look up what the ifIndex is for
the Serial 1 entry?  I need to change the Target Line
in the config file to point to router serial port S1.
Is the entry for Serial 1 entry number 6 in the ifDescr

2)  After changing the config file's Target line, how do I get the new config file's information to take effect and how do I get the Mrtg program to start displaying information based on the new Target line with S1?  By the way, we are running the MRTG Statistic
Updater, which is supposed to automatically update.

Thank you, 
Ralph Mitchell

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