[mrtg] mrtg-2.8.12 and NT 4 monitoring problems.

Antoine Cuvellard a.cuvellard at homeplazza.com
Thu Jun 22 15:47:40 MEST 2000

Hi everyone,

I'm having some troubles monitoring a few things on my locals nt servers :
i use mrtg-2.8.12 on NT 4 SP6.

	1: ram usage

ram usage on one of my servers,
here's a sample from my mrtg.cfg file :

# Free Ram (Bytes)
. at 192
MaxBytes[ram]: 256000000
Title[ram]: Ram Usage
PageTop[ram]: <H1>Ram Usage</H1>
ShortLegend[ram]: Bytes
XSize[ram]: 380
YSize[ram]: 100
YLegend[ram]: Ram Usage (Free ram)
Legend1[ram]: Free Ram in Bytes
Legend2[ram]: Free Ram in Bytes
Legend3[ram]: Maximal 5 Minute Ram Free
Legend4[ram]: Maximal 5 Minute Ram Free
LegendI[ram]: &nbsp;free ram :
LegendO[ram]: &nbsp;free ram :
Options[ram]: integer,growright, transparent, unknaszero,gauge
WithPeak[ram]: ymw

Here the problem is that the mrtg graph reports nothing (just 0's in the
log) stange huh?!?
the strangest thing is that the same cfg works on the local server where
mrtg runs and the results are ok,
when i probe the same oid with Getif 2.2 on both servers the results seems
to be ok, it seems to come from mrtg having some troubles collecting those
data on this server but why ???!!!!??? i checked my snmp inplementation on
both servers and everything seems ok.

	2: cpu load

# CPU load %
RouterUptime[cpu]: public at
MaxBytes[cpu]: 100
Title[cpu]: CPU LOAD
PageTop[cpu]: <H1>CPU Load %</H1>
Unscaled[cpu]: ymwd
ShortLegend[cpu]: %
XSize[cpu]: 380
YSize[cpu]: 100
YLegend[cpu]: CPU Utilisation
Legend1[cpu]: CPU Utilisation in % (Load)
Legend2[cpu]: CPU Utilisation in % (Load)
Legend3[cpu]: Maximal 5 Minute Proc Load
Legend4[cpu]: Maximal 5 Minute Proc Load
LegendI[cpu]: &nbsp;Load :
LegendO[cpu]: &nbsp;Load :
Options[cpu]: gauge, integer,growright, transparent, unknaszero
WithPeak[cpu]: ymw

Here you can see that both oid's are the same but when you check the graph
you can see that while one reports the correct numbers, the other one always
report a surprising all the time 100 % load !!
how come can the same oid's report different numbers  ????

	3: ping problem

Title[^]: PING Response time:
PageTop[PING]: <H2>PING Response Time to LH4:</H2>
Background[PING]: #9090909
MaxBytes[PING]: 50
AbsMax[PING]: 1000
Options[PING]: gauge,growright, transparent, unknaszero
Target[PING]: `perl c:\mrtg2812\run\mrtg-p~1.pl`
YLegend[PING]: Round Trip Time
ShortLegend[PING]: ms
Legend1[PING]: Maximum Round Trip Time in ms
Legend2[PING]: Minimum Round Trip Time in ms
Legend3[PING]: Maximal 5 Minute Maximum Round Trip Time in ms
Legend4[PING]: Maximal 5 Minute Minimum Round Trip Time in ms
LegendI[PING]: &nbsp;Max:
LegendO[PING]: &nbsp;Min:
WithPeak[PING]: ymw

I use MSU-110 to update my mrtg stats but it seems like that the ping part
of my cfg file only reports numbers while i launch the same .cmd file i use
in an ms-dos session it seems to work fine ....maybe it comes from some
right problems with nt but
as far as i know how could mrtg + perl + rateup work and why not my target
i checked to see if mrtg reported me anything but there is no error while
the .cfg file run so it doesn't seem to be a config problem.

btw, i monitor 3 servers for ram,cpu,disk,network traffic and ping and 2
routers, except those little(huh!) problems everything else works fine mrtg
is really a useful program for monitoring just almost anything !!!

thanx by advance for all your answers !

see ya .

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