[mrtg] Okay to remove mrtg.ok?

Peter Lalor plalor at infoasis.com
Mon Jun 5 20:32:42 MEST 2000

Hi all,

I have frequent problems with interfaces moving around, which 
prevents MRTG from updating the affected graph until mrtg.ok is 
edited or removed. I'm wondering if it's okay to have cron remove 
mrtg.ok, say hourly, to prevent any graphs from not being updated for 
longer than an hour in the even that I don't fix the mapping manually.

For bonus points, if it's okay to remove mrtg.ok, what's the point of 
it in the first place? ;-)

(I understand that RRDtool fixes this problem of graphs breaking when 
interfaces move. Unfortunately, I can't get RRDtool to make on my 
system, Mac OS X Server.)


Peter Lalor           Infoasis
plalor at infoasis.com   http://www.infoasis.com/

"Where's my burrito?" -- Homer

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