[mrtg] Re: Okay to remove mrtg.ok?

Peter Lalor plalor at infoasis.com
Mon Jun 5 23:27:03 MEST 2000

>From: "Daniel R . Kilbourne" <daniel.kilbourne at voyager.net>
>Peter Lalor wrote:
>  > I have frequent problems with interfaces moving around, which
>>  prevents MRTG from updating the affected graph until mrtg.ok is
>>  edited or removed. I'm wondering if it's okay to have cron remove
>>  mrtg.ok, say hourly, to prevent any graphs from not being updated for
>>  longer than an hour in the even that I don't fix the mapping manually.
>>  For bonus points, if it's okay to remove mrtg.ok, what's the point of
>  > it in the first place? ;-)

>it is not ok to remove it. in many cases it will not break anything, 
>but if the reboot of the device is due to an IOS upgrade, or adding 
>an interface then the ifIndexes will change. Basically, o be sure 
>that everything is OK, you should re-run cfgmaker and compare the 
>results to your old config (although I have only had to do this on 
>our 72XX and higher Ciscos).

I'm not having trouble problem with interfaces moving on Cisco 
routers. I'm having the problem on Ascend/Lucent gear, because they 
assign a different logical interface each time a connection comes up 
and that can be frequently when there's a lot of DSL PVCs, etc.

Reading your response between the lines, I guess that it's fine to 
remove mrtg.ok as long as you know why the interfaces are moving. Of 
course, one should check things anyway when you actually have changed 
something physical. I was really concerned that MRTG might take some 
sort of processing shortcut using mrtg.ok, and will suck more 
processor when mrtg.ok doesn't exist.

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