[mrtg] Re: target script lines

Leif Neland leifn at neland.dk
Tue Jun 6 03:55:04 MEST 2000

The mrtg expects 4 lines, in, out, uptime and a name.
in and out are plotted, uptime and name are displayed on the webpage.

So instead of calling netstat directly make a script like
netstat -an|grep -c FIN
netstat -an|grep -c CONNECTED
echo 0
echo Netstat test

and call that script instead.


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Sent: Tuesday, June 06, 2000 12:27 AM
Subject: [mrtg] target script lines

> hello,
> i am currently having problems with getting the interger to be accepted by
mrtg. when i run a simple command line it gives me a particular number.. but
when i  run it in the target line like so :
> Target[sys1.fin]:'netstat -an | grep -c FIN'
> it doesnt produce any numbers/intergers.
> But this is it at the prompt:
> # netstat -an | grep -c FIN
> 3
> #
> What could cause this to not produce any resuls when its in the mrtg.cfg
> My options line is like so :
> Options[sys1.fin]: gauge growright
> I generally get this error
> ./mrtg mrtg.cfg
> Problem with Externale get '`netstat -an | grep -c FIN`':
>     Expected an INTEGER for 'out' but got ''
> Any help would be much appreciated.
> thankyou
> Jimmy stewpot
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