[mrtg] Ip accounting

Marc Duchesneau mduches1 at Matrox.COM
Tue Jun 13 21:33:59 MEST 2000

Hi everybody,

	We have a Cisco router here that serve as entry point for a VPN 
network.  This network deserve some Office across the seas and we would 
like to do some monitoring of the traffic generated by them based on the IP 
of each subnet.  I have enabled the IP accounting command on the Cisco and 
i've putted in the Ip accounting-list the following address: Ip 
accounting-list xxx.xxx.111.0
This enable me to do accounting for every Ip address on the subnet 
111.  This is great, but what really interest me is to graph the traffic 
for that particular subnet, and here is my problem;
The snmp command that would be used by mrtg to probe my accounting database 
would be something like that:

snmpget -Of "router" public 
where the first 4 bunch of "x" are the source(the distant office) and the 
second 4 bunch would be the destination(the router)

So, if i enable the Ip accounting-list as i did it'll monitor all the ip 
for that particular subnet.  This is exactly what i want but the snmp 
command will only work for one ip at a time and this is really a 
bother.  What i mean is that a snmpget must be done for each and every Ip 
address for each of the subnets like that:

snmpget -Of "router" public 
snmpget -Of "router" public 
snmpget -Of "router" public 

what i would like to do is replace the hundreds of snmpget i would need 
with only one command, something like that:

snmpget -Of "router" public 

the only option i found was to to a regular addition off all the IP for 
each of the subnet, which of course would not be productive at all...
Anyone know what i am talking about?


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