[mrtg] Loading & Validating Additional MIBS

Barry Young byoung at europe.chep.com
Thu Jun 15 14:35:19 MEST 2000

I would like to obtain more SNMP information from certain devices on
our network.  As such I have obtained additional mib files (Cisco ISDN
mibs for example) for this purpose.

I understand that to allow MRTG to use an SNMP variable instead of a
numeric OID, I should include the LoadMIBS statement in the mrtg.cfg file.
So far so good, I hope.

However, to check the SNMP variables available in the mib file and validate
the response, I am using the GetIF utility (excellent package if anyone is
interested...) for Windows NT and walking the mib.

Two questions: -

1.  Does anyone know if or how to include the additional mib files to get the
     GetIF utility to recognise them?  There is a sub-directory called \mibs
    where I copied the mib text file to, but I cannot see any additional info
    when performing an SNMP walk.

2.  With MRTG, does the mib file have to be complied or will the text file
      suffice in the LoadMibs directory.  This is probably a dumb question
      but whilst I'm here I thought I'd check.

This is my first adventure beyond the safe confines of standard mibs and
MRTG use.  So any assistance gratefully received.


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