[mrtg] Which port to monitor for 128k Cisco ?

Darryl Harvey listmail at harvey.net.au
Thu Jun 22 02:32:37 MEST 2000

I am trying to monitor a 128K ISDN link via a cisco 1603-R router.

The link is using MPPP, so do I have to add the two BRI port stats 
together, or does MPPP do this for me and I just monitor the Virtual-Access 

The router is configured for PPP multilink, on BRI 0/1  and BRI 0/2
I am using;
Target[128K-]: 2:community at hostname + 3:community at hostname

But I am also monitoring the Virtual-Access port (port 7)
Target[128K-mppp]: 7:community at hostname

and the graphs are different, but they are effectively the same interface.

See http://www.ournet.com.au/stats/test.html  for sample

Which is this correct ???

The adding of BRI0/1 & BRI0/2  or using virtual-access 1


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