[mrtg] Cisco IP Accounting

Tim Harden timh at cmhcsys.com
Thu Jun 22 16:34:16 MEST 2000

could someone that is using the Cisco IP accounting in the contrib. dir
please post a copy of there config file.. (without the IP address and such)

In the Read me it says to call the collect.pl with mrtg and a config file..
I a not sure of what needs to be in the config file.  The only thing in the
read me says to enter something like
Target[targetname]: 'cat /usr/local/mrtg/cisco_ipaccounting/log_test'
I am not exactly sure what needs to be in place of log_test.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Timothy Harden
Network Manager
CMHC Systems
timh at cmhcsys.com

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