[mrtg] Live vs Gold Pipes

Bradford Woodcock bwoodcoc at Genuity.com
Thu Jun 22 17:12:50 MEST 2000


I am hoping someone on the list can answer these questions.

1. What *exactly* do live pipes do?
2. Is the amount of extra work for live pipes significant?
3. Do I need pipes to be live even for backplane links?
4. If I leave the pipes gold will I still get up/down notification with
full fault isolation? 

I ask these questions because my company is in a transition state. And
because of this I will be forced to heap a LOT of switch modules onto an
Ultra 10 server (~350) and I'm not sure it will handle it. I'm hoping if I
don't turn on live pipes the server may fair better. I have already turned
off switch interface logging. I of course still need basic up/down
monitoring with fault isolation capabilities. Thanks in advance for your


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