[mrtg] Re: Reinstall

Paul C. Williamson pwilliamson at MANDTBANK.COM
Wed Jun 28 15:35:29 MEST 2000

I would search the CD and do an rpm upgrade of the packages you are having probems with.  If that doesn't fix it or the files still don't appear to be there, use rpm to delete the packages completely and the reinstall via rpm.  Keep us updated.


>>> "Paul Nelson" <pnelson at lioninc.org> 06/28/00 09:22AM >>>


I used to have MRTG running just great on a Redhat linux 5.2 box.  I've since scrapped that box and am using a box with 6.2.  It's been so long since I originally installed MRTG, but I'm having some problems.  The installation help files say that zlib and libpng are included with linux?  But when I try to compile gdlib it complains about not finding them.  Using the query feature of rpm, it appears that the zlib and libpng packages are installed.  Actually, it also said that there was an older version of gdlib also.  However, I can't find the directories in which these libraries reside, only documentation.  Are these libraries included in a typical install, or do I have to search the Red Hat cd's for them?  Or should I simply just download them?

Thanks for the help,

Paul Nelson
pnelson at lioninc.org 
Libraries Online Inc.
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