[mrtg] Followup to: WithPeak[_] not reporting anything

Isaac Grover isaac at coe.engr.sjsu.edu
Thu Jun 29 01:14:04 MEST 2000

As a followup to my previous message, I was informed that utilizing
WithPeak on a daily graph didn't mean anything, which is what I was
doing.  =(

After modifying the config to report the peak values for week and
month, mrtg gives me the following graph for the monthly value. 
While the additional colors make it look more attractive, I must
honestly say that I'm a bit confused.  I was under the impression
that WithPeak would give me a horizontal line across the graph
representing the peak values for that given time period, but it
appears to be plotting the peak values over the other data.  What's
going on?

Isaac Grover - isaac at coe.engr.sjsu.edu
SJSU College of Engineering, ECS / Networking
ENG 237, (408) 924-4074

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