[mrtg] Monitoring drive space

Edge edge at abbadon.gecko.org
Mon Mar 6 22:18:52 MET 2000

I've got a working external script and config to get the amount of used
space on a harddisk.  What I'm having a problem with is having the graph
display both used *and* free disk values.

My script passes the current disk used value and the base to MRTG, how can
I get MRTG to recognize a second set of values to be the "out" info?

Here's the script and results:
$space = `df -h|grep users |awk '{print $5}'`;
($export, $total, $used, $free, $percent, $mount)=split(/\s+/,$space);
print "$used\n";
print "0\n";


If I change the script to include the amount of free space, mrtg only
grabs the second set of values and ignores the first...  Any ideas?

Thanks before hand...

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