[mrtg] Re: Adding two OID together

David Gabler dgabler at americomusa.net
Thu Mar 16 17:51:04 MET 2000

I would suggest reading the documentation, specifically the RouterUptime
example under "Configuration for each Target you want to monitor ". 

Then after reading that read the "Target" subsection under the same section,
"You can also explicitly define the OID to query by using the following syntax
'OID_1&OID_2:community at router' The following example will retrieve error counts
for input and output on interface 1. MRTG needs to graph two variables, so you
need to specify two OID's such as temperature and humidity or error input and
error output. 


     Target[ezwf]: at myrouter

If you read that you should understand.

At 05:14 PM 3/16/00 +0200, Steven Sporen wrote:
>I've got a weird problem that I don't understand, I got the OID for CAR on a
>Cisco Router (Thanx Marc), I'd like to add two values together for
>SwitchedBytes and FilteredBytes - (not too sure if that's correct, I want to
>should to bandwidth used  on that access list) so I tried to put the
>following into my CFG file
> at 1
>That worked but doesn't add the two values together. I tried just 
>Target[International]: at
>but that didn't work, then I tried
>1: at +
>2: at
>Also didn't work.
>So the question is, how do I add the values together?
>Thanx for your help!
> Regards
>  Steven Sporen
>Snr Network Admin, ECnet | www.ecnet.co.za
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