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Pense, Joachim joachim.pense at eds.com
Wed Mar 22 14:24:22 MET 2000

Chairman of the Bored [list-mrtg-talk at L7.org] wrote:
> >i use mrtg to get traffic infos about a single isdn line 
> (64kbit). The max
> >value that mrtg gets from the router is:
> >
> > MaxBytes[X.X.X.X.2]: 8000
> >
> >The router is configurated as 64000 kbit as max.
> >

> well, that maxbytes line is telling mrtg to ignore any
> reading over that number. so change it to 64000. as to
> where it got that number in the first place, who knows?
> -dd

Please keep in Mind that 8000 Byte *are* 64000 Bit, which is 64 kbit (if we
let 1024=1000 here).

I 64000 KBit is probably one K too many.

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