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Mike Starkweather mstark at primary.net
Thu Mar 23 05:18:56 MET 2000


You are probably trying to graph a counter variable.  MRTG takes the change
between the current and previous reading and divides it by the interval
(normally 300 seconds) using integer arithmetic.  A couple of possibilities.

First, if this is really a counter (like ifInOctets) it must have fairly
small values.  If less than 300 over a 5 minute period then it will stay at
zero forever.  Look in the documentation for "perminute" (I think, I do not
have the docs with me).

Or, the variable is really a gauge (like temperature).  That requires a
change in the Options statement to get the correct data type.

Good Luck, Mike Starkweather
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From: Marc Duchesneau <mduches1 at matrox.com>
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Date: Monday, March 20, 2000 2:18 PM
Subject: [mrtg] strange problem

>Hi everyone,
> I have a little problem adding three objet, when i run the .CFG file MRTG
>does not complain, but there is only two integer in the .LOG file and i
>don't have a clue why.. Here is the LOG file;
>953582434 185 185
>953582434 0 0 0 0
>953582118 0 0 0 0
>953582100 0 0 0 0
>185 is the values i need to be graph
>The .cfg file...
> at xxx.xxx.xxx.
> +
> at xxx.xxx.xxx.
> +
> at xxx.xxx.xxx.
>MaxBytes[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.cur]: 100
>RouterUptime[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.cur]: Public at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
>Title[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.cur]: UPS Output Amperes
>WithPeak[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.cur]: dwmy
>Options[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.cur]: growright, absolute, gauge
>YLegend[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.cur]: Amperes
>ShortLegend[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.cur]: A
>PageTop[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.cur]: <H1>Analysis for UPS Output Current </H1>
>  <TABLE>
>    <TR><TD>System:</TD><TD>ups at cpny.com</TD></TR>
>    <TR><TD>Maintainer:</TD><TD>VIP</TD></TR>
>    <TR><TD>Interface:</TD><TD>Amperage ()</TD></TR>
>    <TR><TD>IP:</TD><TD> (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)</TD></TR>
>    <TR><TD>Max Amperes:</TD>
>        <TD> 300 </TD></TR>
>   </TABLE>
>What's wrong?
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