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alex at ergens.op.Het.Net alex at ergens.op.Het.Net
Thu Mar 23 11:11:46 MET 2000

M.Giles wrote:
> 23/03/00 5:38:13 PM
> I dunno if you guys like ppl asking for help in this list.. but If not
> then I'll remove mysself ..

Well, this list is there just to do that: help people.
However, it is not wise to ask questions that are covered by the
manual and/or the FAQ.
Furthermore you should read the list for a while (a couple of weeks) and then
you know what questions you can ask here.  This is, by the way, valid for any
list.  If it would be a helpdesk we would call it a helpdesk.

> Anyhow.. can any of you guys help me with this small problem ..
> I "think" the problem is in the communities.. as I dont know what they are..
> any one?

This is something we cannot help you with.  Either
1) you are the admin of that router/server and you know the community
   string.  No need to ask us.  If you are the admin and do not know why
   it doesn't work, you asked the wrong question
2) you are not the admin and you should ask the admin what the community is.
   There may be a policy in place which doesn't allow you to access the device.
   In this case it is, at least, impolite to keep trying
3) the community is not important in this case as the device won't let you
   access it at all (so: port filters are in place).  This will also have
   been done on purpose.  See #2 for the rest of the remarks

> [root at mr_bumpy run]# ./cfgmaker  public\@ >> mrtg.cfg
> SNMP Error:
> receiving response PDU: Connection refused

The command is okay, you are just not allowed access.

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