[mrtg] Re: off topic CISCO

Dan Swartzendruber dswartz at druber.com
Sun Mar 26 22:17:31 MEST 2000

At 01:48 PM 3/26/00 -0600, [Krell] wrote:

>OK this is way out in left field of MRTG subject, but I thought I'd ask
>anyway...here goes
>what is the fair size of the packets to drop? As in tcp packets bigger
>than 8k or udp packets bigger than 8k or even icmp packets bigger than 8k
>or what?  How do you about evaluating??

You don't.  The queueing mechanism does.  Since this policy is being 
applied at the interface, I believe the packet size is the interface packet 
size.  e.g. the MTU.

>And should the packets be dropped at my connection(s) to the internet or
>should they be dropped/filtered on the client end.  And if they are
>dropped at my internet connection...will that protect the rest of my

Always drop them before sending (if possible).  Why waste the 
bandwidth?  It will certainly minimized bandwidth wasted by excess usage.

>I'm just getting crazy processloads now a days..it'll stay at 5-7% and all
>the suddent it will shoot up to 68%+...I can coordinate the attacks with a
>client of mine and we filter out the class c it comes from and the
>processor load goes down.

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