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Rainer Bawidamann Rainer.Bawidamann at rz.uni-ulm.de
Tue May 2 09:44:00 MEST 2000

In article <01CA656A687ED211926B00805F77914004197F58 at az25exm02.geg.mot.com>,
	David.Pekala at motorola.com (Pekala David-p30198) writes:
> Does anyone know how 14all.cgi handles polling @ a faster rate than 5
> minutes?  I'm currently polling @ 20 seconds and I'm just wondering if
> 14all.cgi is utilizing all of the data contained in the rrd file created by
> mrtg.

14all.cgi only displays the data. mrtg does the polling and storing.

The rrd files build by mrtg store one value per 5 minutes. You could try
to create the rrd files manually with a 20 second interval and call mrtg
every 20 seconds. 14all will use all of the data in the rrd files - in
fact 14all calls rrdtool which uses all of the data.

(mrtg creates the rrd files with the interval set in the configuration
but this is limited to multiples of 60 seconds)

[from your mail: how to display hourly/daily/weekly/monthly instead of

There is a mostly undocumented feature in the actual 14all to configure
this. The option "UseRRDTool[...]" accepts further options, separated
with newlines. Example:

UseRRDTool[target]: showgraphs: daily,weekly,monthly,yearly
                    #     name    start end maxage
                    graph hourly: -60m  now 20
                    graph hourly.s: -60m now 20
                    graphsize hourly.s: 250 100
                    indexgraph: hourly.s

These lines define two additional graphs "hourly" and "hourly.s" (daily,
weekly, monthly and yearly are predefined), which will show one hour of
data (start = -60m) with an expire of 20 seconds. "hourly.s" is smaller
(graphsize) and used as indexgraph. The webpage for the target contains
the four graphs daily,weekly,monthly,yearly.

Every option is on its own line (separator newline) and has to start
with with space (except the first with "UseRRDTool" of course).

I started to work on documentation but had to stop it to finish my
diploma thesis. Now I have time for 14all again.


PS: Additionally the option "logarithmic: yes" can be given to

Rainer.Bawidamann at informatik.uni-ulm.de

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