[mrtg] Re: question about SNMP on Server

David C Prall dcp at dcptech.com
Wed May 3 19:10:17 MEST 2000

> I am new to this and own a dedicated server which is hosted by a company
> uses this meter and I have a few questions wondering if this meter is 100%
> accurate since I have been getting a very high bandwidth bill lately and
> not see how my sites are doing all of this.. I looked over my stats and it
> does not match up to the amount of bandwidth my host is telling me and I
> want to know how good this program really is and if there is a chance it
> could be wrong?
> Has anyone ever got a false reading from it? Like anything on the market ,
> there is always that possibility of it not measuring properly and this may
> be that time, but only where I get stuck with the damn bill. I want to
> out if there is something I can do on my end to watch this traffic and
> compare it to what my host is saying.. Can I install this meter without
> being at the routers? This way I can compare to what they show and see if
> they are bull crapping me..
> Anyway, your help is appreciated,
The most likely problem, is the fact that you system is not on its own
dedicated subnet. Machines on this network segment are sending out a large
number of broadcasts, which are being reported by MRTG as ifInOctets and
ifOutOctets. There ain't much you can do here, it is actual traffic that
your system is receiving and possibly sending. If it is an NT machine,
you'll need to look over the configuration very closely to makesure that you
have every machine that it needs to connect with using a fully-qualified
domain name, otherwise it is sending out NBT broadcasts prior to using DNS
to resolve the name.

Just some ideas.

dcp at dcptech.com

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