[mrtg] Re: The value "Max" problem??

Michael Chao chao at gcn.net.tw
Sat May 6 04:22:07 MEST 2000

Enclosed is my MRTG log file, please give me more instruction for correcting this error.

chao at gcn.net.tw

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Michael Chao wrote:

> I have installed MRTG for my Cisco 1600 and everything seems going well.
> But I found that there is something strange¡K

> According my MRTG system, the average value for uplink is ¡§521.5kB/s¡¨, with the percentage
> > I set the value ¡§MaxByte¡¨ to ¡§8000¡¨, for monitoring my 64K bandwidth.
> Is there anything wrong?

There certainly is something wrong.  8000 is the correct number and
this should prevent the high values.  Also, you shouldn't get those
high values from the router.

Please check your config file.  I wouldn't be surprised if there are
"strange" characters in there (not plain ascii) which cause problems.
In your mail you've included characters which my computer couldn't
display properly (such as the two in

View line #1 from your logfile a couple of times.  This should contain
the values as fetched from the router.  Write down the values, wait 5
minutes, write down the new values.
For each of the three columns:  subtract the oldest value from the
newest one.  Now divide the value in column 2 by the value in column 1.
Do the same for column 3.

The results should be:
column 1: about 300 (this is the number of seconds you've been waiting)
column 2: no more than 8000 (this is the rate of the IN counter)
column 3: no more than 8000 (this is the rate of the OUT counter)

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