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It's no problem graphing CPU on NT.  I have enclosed an example of graphing
Total CPU, as opposed to individual processors (which is possible however).

Make sure in perfm.bat from the resource kit, you include the CPU object...
------------ perfm.bat ---------------
echo "creating perfmib"
perf2mib perfmib.mib perfmib.ini memory 1 memory processor 2 CPU "Network
Segment" 3 net PhysicalDisk 4 disk
echo "compliling perfmib"
mibcc -o%NTResKit%\mib.bin -n -t -w2 %NTResKit%\LMMIB2MIB
%NTResKit%\mib_ll.mib perfmib.mib

Then your mrtg.cfg file can specify the following (thanks Jody Winfield...)
----- mrtg.cfg ------

# zcmdfp01 CPU Usage
Target[zcmdfp01_cpu]: at YOUR_SERVER_H
MaxBytes[zcmdfp01_cpu]: 100
Title[zcmdfp01_cpu]: SERVER NAME CPU Used
PageTop[zcmdfp01_cpu]: <H1>SERVER NAME CPU Used</H1>
   <TR><TD>System:</TD><TD>SERVER NAME HERE </TD></TR>
ShortLegend[zcmdfp01_cpu]: CPU
YLegend[zcmdfp01_cpu]: CPU % Used
Legend1[zcmdfp01_cpu]: CPU % Used
Legend2[zcmdfp01_cpu]: CPU % Used
Legend3[zcmdfp01_cpu]: CPU % Used
Legend4[zcmdfp01_cpu]: CPU % Used
LegendI[zcmdfp01_cpu]: Usage
Options[zcmdfp01_cpu]: gauge
WithPeak[zcmdfp01_cpu]: ymw
Unscaled[zcmdfp01_cpu]: dwmy
Colours[zcmdfp01_cpu]: Red#ff3333,Black#000000,DarkGreen#006600,white#ffffff

The output will look something like the attached .gif on multiprocessor

Let me know if you have questions.


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Hi there,

Has anyone had any luck graphing multiple processor machines running NT?

I have a farm of IBM Netfinity 5500 M10s that have dual PII 450s in them.
I'd like to see a better reading than 100% all the time.  =)


   Greg Reaume
   greaume at iname.com
   ICQ: 1466509

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