[mrtg] Re: Problems with running mrtg

Irfan Akber irfan at inet.com.pk
Thu May 11 21:26:20 MEST 2000

No. I will do that.  Thanks ...

Anyway how do I feed statistics from my own program to mrtg. And stats about number of users connected on AS5300 etc. Currently it
does not collect that information from Cisco AS5300.


Irfan Akber

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Subject: RE: [mrtg] Problems with running mrtg

>Did you do 'ldconfig' after you installed the libraries?
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>Subject: [mrtg] Problems with running mrtg
>I got the latest mrtg, compiled it with the necessary tools (gd, libpng
>etc..) on Linux and the whole process went ok. Now when I
>run mrtg mrtg.cfg I get the following and the pages that are made have no
>PROBLEM: rateup died from Signal 0
> with Exit Value 16 when doing router 's1server.com.14'
> code was 4096, retcode was . If this happens all the time,
> you should probably investigate the cause. :-)
>.//rateup: can't load library 'libpng.so.2'
>I checked that libpng.so.2 exists. Please help resolve the problem.
>Irfan Akber
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