[mrtg] external program help

Steve Meier smeier at SDSC.EDU
Thu May 11 18:18:29 MEST 2000

How's it going!

Here is my problem. I wrote a script that reads in a ping from a file
and parses out the % loss. It's ugly (first script, forgive me) but it
works. When I fire just the perl script, it works fine.  When I try to
fire it under mrtg, I get the error:  "The system cannot find the file

Could not get any data from external command 'c:\mrtg\ping\pingloss.pl'

Maybe the externam command did not even start. (No such file or

Here's what I got...

#sets file path
$pingfile = '/test/ping/ping.txt';

##Open ping File

open (INPING, $pingfile); {    #first brace

while(<INPING>) {

 $all = $_;

if($all =~ m/Lost/) {

 {$gotloss = $all};

if($gotloss =~ /\((.+?)/) {

 {$pingloss = $1}
 print  0 \n"; #not used
 print  $pingloss \n";
 print  placeholder \n"; #will change values later
 print  placeholder \n";

I looked at various contrib scripts and I copied the output format of
theres to put into mrtg.

Now, here is the config for the script:
workdir: \inetpub\wwwroot

Title[^]: CPU Usage in MegaBytes on System:

workdir: \inetpub\wwwroot

Title[^]: CPU Usage in MegaBytes on System:

Target[ping]: `c:\mrtg\ping\pingloss.pl`
MaxBytes[ping]: 100
Title[ping]: ping test
PageTop[ping]: <H2>ping  </H2>
Options[ping]: gauge, nopercent, absolute, growright
Unscaled[ping]: dwmy
XSize[ping]: 380
YSize[ping]: 110
YLegend[ping]: ping test
Legend1[ping]: ping

Anyone have any sugestions?



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