[mrtg] Re: Cisco PIX and Localdirector

Barry Irwin bvi-mrtg-list at rucus.ru.ac.za
Fri May 12 17:07:39 MEST 2000

On Fri 2000-05-12 (08:51), Scott Carpenter wrote:
> After much trail and error and a lot of help from people on this list, I
> finally have my PIX and Localdirector interfaces being monitored by MRTG.
> I'm trying to find OID's, Sample configs, etc. for PIX connections, local
> director virtual and real server connections, etc. Any pointers would be
> appreciated. I did find some pix info at ftp://piglet.calacomm.com/pub/
> <ftp://piglet.calacomm.com/pub/>   which requires telnet.pm  for perl and
> I'm looking for that as well. TIA.

You can find Telnet.pm on www.cpan.org or any of its mirrors. Or try perl
-MCPAN -e shell from the command line.

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